↔️About The APIS

The APIS is led by a team of Web3 enthusiasts on a mission to change the future of the internet.

The APIS provides extensive data analytics for digital assets across all public blockchains, both layer-one and layer-two scaling solutions. We enable our users to visualize numerous characteristics of both NFT and DeFi assets, such as real-time NFT asset trading volume data, DeFi protocol revenue changes, and layer-one transaction fee data. We enable our users to fully understand the trends in The NFT and broader crypto landscape, allowing them to make the best decisions possible and stay ahead of the market.

We allow users to 1) deep dive into their own data, 2) uncover publicly available data, 3) set alerts to easily stay on top of the NFT and Web3 markets, and 4) build dashboards presented containing customized graphics and interfaces.

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