This page provides a quick reference glossary for many terms that are utilised in NFT analysis.



Public Key

A public key which represents the source or destination of a blockchain payment.


Profile Picture (PFP)

Basically the same as a 10k project. Refers to a collection that consists of a few thousand NFT ‘avatars’ .



A total sum of value held by a single address, entity or wallet.



Blue-chip investments have proven to perform well in the long term regardless of market conditions.



Collection is a collection or a series of NFTS.

Floor price


The lowest NFT price in the collection, excluding bid offers, is the floor price.

Gas Fees


Gas fees are equivalent to “smart contract activation fees.” They power the programs that make dApps work.



Similar to the Internet, the Metaverse is a 3D interactable virtual space generated by computers.



Minting is buying an NFT as its very first owner. When you're the first to buy directly from the creator, who lists the asset and transfers it to you, it often guarantees you the lowest purchase price.


Non-Fungible Token

NFT is a broad term that includes any form of tokenized digital assets, such as art, real estate, computer programs, photographs, music, videos, etc.

Unique buyers


Number of unduplicated individuals that have one 1 or more transactions



Amount of currency (e.g. ETH) exchanged for that particular collection over the NFT project's lifetime.


Private Key

A private key that owns all coins associated with the addresses derived from the public-private key-pair. A single wallet may own multiple addresses.

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