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What is an RSS feed?

RSS is a technology that has influenced many modern internet tools you’re familiar with. In short, RSS is a streamlined, algorithm-free format that allows you to easily compile it your favorite online information.

RSS stands for “straightforward syndication” or, depending on who you ask, “rich site summary.” At its heart, RSS refers to simple text files with necessary, updated information — news pieces, articles, that sort of thing. That stripped-down content gets plugged into a feed reader, an interface that quickly converts the RSS text files into a stream of your latest updates from around the web.

As internet content became more complex, RSS files quickly adopted images, video, and more, but still in a stripped-down format for more effortless loading and compatibility across all feed readers. Readers' feeds automatically update to deliver the newest content right to your device. This approach allows internet users to create their online feeds filled with custom updates from the sites they regularly visit.

Our Twitter RSS feed

  • Customized your Twitter content to read

We are always looking for ways to make it easier for people to receive the latest NFT information and to build and participate in Web3 communities that allow users to earn income on the game, platform, or protocol.

Usually, people receive fragmented information, and we are also aware of this problem. So we are rolling out a feature that allows users to see the latest and hottest related tweets to keep up with the latest information about the NFT market.

This tool grants a unique and easy-to-use method of sharing the latest and most popular Twitter content with our community. To use this function, you only need to enter the email address where you’d like to receive these newsletters.

After completing the email address setup, users can input relevant hashtags on the subscription page, or click on the hashtags recommended by the system to subscribe to related tweets, which will be packaged and sent to the user's mailbox.

Simply by entering the term or topic, you're interested in into the search box on the Explore interface, you can easily get the relevant tweets. It also saves you time by reducing aimless information gathering.

You can follow your favorite hashtag on the Subscribe interface. You can type the hashtag you want to follow into the search box to get relevant tweets. If you're not sure what you want to see, we've also provided some of the most popular hashtags you can subscribe to below the search box

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