3️⃣3⃣ Applications

The Applications of the APIS network are twofold: to create better end-user experiences and to create better developer experiences. For end-users, APIS allows developers to seamless integrate features with guaranteed 100% uptime, censorship resistance, and near-zero platform risk. While the uptime and censorship resistance features of a decentralized network has been discussed thoroughly by the public blockchain community, we believe that platform risk remains under-discussed. Developers who utilize the APIS network for their decentralized applications will never be upcharged by a monopolistic, profit-seeking company, as protocols create markets, not monopolies [25]. The platform risk view can be further substantiated by Metamask’s recent change in open-source licensing, leaving developers to question whether a Metamask integration will require fees in the future [26]. APIS already supports all queries and indexes of Ethereum through the aggregation of APIS’s centralized competitors, and shortly thereafter will support IPFS and Filecoin due to its growing popularity. Additionally, any additional blockchains can be added to the APIS index and query protocol, should an ID for that blockchain be created by an APIS Gateway or Node.

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