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Product Overview

Hook is a blockchain data and intelligence provider that generates innovative on-chain metrics and tools for digital asset stakeholders.

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Features Description

We sync our data directly from the blockchain, polling every second for the latest data and surfaces sales and mints in real-time within seconds of block confirmations.

Our Trending page will keep you up to date with the top-selling collections.

Calendar Alert

Create your own unique drop calendar and never miss an NFT drop from your favorite creators. Add customized alerts to receive reminders to minutes, hours, or days before.

Transaction Feed

Throughout the site, we provide users with easily readable, live feeds of mints, orders, and transfers.

Wallet Analysis

You can view ERC721 mint and order history going back years for any wallet.

Watch List

On the Watch List page, you can create lists of NFT collections or wallets that you want to track all updating in real-time. It's like TradingView for NFTs!

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